Who is the “Soil Guru”?

Hi, I am Neysan Pertl. My passion is ecology and earth sciences, specifically the understanding of soils and how to work with them, restore their balance where necessary and nurture the earth in order to ensure its health and vitality in rapidly changing circumstances.

Neysan Pertl The Soil Guru Tasmania

“I am a person who has a passion for life. Always wanting to learn new ideas, concepts and realities. My academic background is Bachelors of Agriculture (73N) which I undertook from 2014 and completed 2018. In July 2020 I undertook an honours degree in a recently under researched field of Tasmanian dolerite”.

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Soil core sampling by Soil Guru Tasmania

Soil Core Sampling

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Soil Testing & Analysis

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Plant Sales

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Why hire The Soil Guru?

The Soil Guru provides unique services to achieve the best results in planting and nurturing trees.  Consultation and soil analysis is also avaiable with the aim being to add value to your property by maximising the potential yield. Having a comprehensive soil analysis will also enable you to introduce hard to find exotic trees that won’t be found in many others gardens.
Many people complain that, over the years, they spend thousands of dollars on trees that inevetably die and, unfortunately, many nursery suppliers prosper by your losses as you constantly replant!. The Soil Guru has scrupulous ethics on this sore point and will give you the best guidance and outcome possible to ensure your trees survive and thrive …. not wither and die!


The Soil Guru’s mission is to cultivate rare exotic trees but also to build a comprehensive Pinetum Collection to contribute in some small way to save, protect and preserve endangered conifers.
Global warming is a frightening reality today with distinct and disturbing climate changes obvious to all who work close to nature. Recent years have seen deadly heat waves in the Northern hemisphere and if the trend continues, as seems inevitable, eventually there will be drastic habitat loss for many, most or possibly all Conifers! Tasmania may be one of the few places left on Earth where long term survival of these majestic trees is viable!
The soil guru Tasmania - climate change